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more latest things... - rethgrind
more latest things...
okay, we were going to be playing the Leeds gig next Thursday but we're not now, such was the small time between now and then, another band were able to 100% confirm before us... gutted to be honest, was looking forward to a Leeds gig again after a couple of months, but there will be more.

we've just been asked to play the Leeds date of the Mumakil and Zillah tour in March (the 3rd), more details of that to come.

we're also trying to get a Glasgow date sorted on the 24th February, the promoter has a free night, so we're waiting to see if they like our silly tech grind sounds enough to ask us to play.

the official website is coming along nicely, with Spengler messaging every day with advancements and tweaks, and so it's looking like it will be ready in the next month or so, fingers crossed.

over the next couple of weeks, i'll also be stripping down and updating the soundclick download page (which doesn't have me as a band member (i joined june 2005)) thus proving how out of the loop that page is, and will also be starting up a load more download outlets and pages for Reth, to keep the onslaught going.. hopefully this will provide us with tons more outlets to promote any gigs we get, and promote anyone that can help Reth (with banners and such like) in the future.

a few labels from around the world have also been in touch enquiring about 'future plans of Reth', so shall keep people posted about that too..

it's all coming together nicely.

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