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A sneaky one from work... - rethgrind
A sneaky one from work...
Just a quick gig update in the form of a lovely flyer, note a few changes of date and re-arrangements. This is the most up to date collection of dates.

Some facts:-
Reth have had over 17,000 plays on Myspace and are not far off 4,000 friends.
The website is hurtling towards completion so not long till an unveiling.

Practise last Sunday was mint, tightness is coming back to us, new song is coming along a treat, and Me and Smith jammed a load of randomness, some in the style of Keelhaul, Knut & American Heritage, also some jazzy stuff, and some other odd bits. Hopefully one day we'll record a drum and bass improvisation ;-)

Another practise this Sunday is on the cards, new song will be finished ready to play at our first gig of 2007, on the 9th February in Leeds.

That's all for now, more rambles will come forth soon!
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