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we're having a proper website built as we speak as well.. some of you may know Mr Edwardo Spengleballs, Spengler, Eddie of Gore, whatever you wanna call him, he is beavering away naughtily at layouts and ideas for our website, and so far it's looking very crisp and sexy and swish, so hopefully that will be unveiled in the next few weeks..

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Well, those people who are just joining us on our brand new Live Journal, I've just updated the main info page with lots of info to make like you know us!

If you have been added by us, it's because we think you will like the sounds of Reth, please give us feedback. If you don't return the add, then we totally understand, everyone's diary is their own, and some just want it for themselves, so that's all good too.

Okay, Reth in 2007, what's the plan?
Well, we're just about to start working on recording the album, looking like 12 songs, around 25 minutes, plus maybe a couple of noise/ambient tracks on there as well.. A few labels from around the world have actually been in touch with interest, but we're always open to more offers/ideas/interest.

We're doing our first practise of the year next Sunday, where we hope to complete the final song that's definitely going on the album, it's a fast one, oh yes... and then over the next week or so we also want to finish off 'Thee Doom Song' that's been on the go for a little while now. It's a big 20 minute monster, and not once breaks out into any kind of sweat, but it's packed with nice and weird harmonies, some big riffs, and tons of slowness for you doomers out there. Hopefully that will be unleashed at a relevant gig soon.

So, you've seen the gigs on the main page I hope? If not, then here they are again... It's looking pretty good already for 2007, but we want more!
January 11th - Leeds Fenton - w/ Year of the Man, Imposters (Reth are a late addition to the bill)
February 17th - Darlington Bacchaus - w/ RSJ, Black Liquor +1
February 18th - Leeds Joseph's Well - w/ Everette, Blueprint to a downfall, Break The Sky, Once in a house on fire
February 23rd - Hartlepool The Clarendon - w/ Coprophagy, Tapestry of Flesh, 03/09/39
March 9th - Norwich Brickmenders - w/ women of britain say go, switch theory, thrive, cecil b. demented
March 10th - Gig neeeeeeeeeeeded anyone, anywhere?

So, I think that's it for now, I'm going to go off and find lots of you grind/death heads to add, and hopefully introduce you to our hybrid sounds!
Thanks for reading.

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There will be lots of work done on this page over the coming days/weeks/months, but for now, just click the banner and listen, read, find out more...
Thanks for stopping by :-)

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