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rethgrind's Journal

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Okay, just to firstly say, if you've been added, it's because we think you might be into the Reth sounds (either you like similar bands to us, bands we've been compared to already, or we already know that you like us/have seen us), we're not just adding people to boost the numbers and make us look good, so, hopefully, bearing that in mind, you will come and have a listen and maybe enjoy the grinding noise we make... We're a friendly bunch, come say hello!

For the latest UPCOMING GIGS please click the most up to date source HERE - Brand new dates just added.

If you would like to offer us gigs, say hello, comment on our music, comment on our beards or anything at all, either, go to the Myspace page as linked to above, or drop us an email to paulrawnerve@gmail.com

Reth were formed in August 2000 by school-mates Matthew 'Jim' Bentley (Guitar) and Elliot Smith (Drums). Over the course of the following 6 years that brings us up to the present, there has been many different members enter the Reth fold, (old school-mates Nathan 'Speckers' Robinson (Guitar), Patrick Walton (Vocals), Phil 'Toz' Torriero (Bass), David Wells (replaced Toz on bass for a while), Dan Shaw (ex-Super Agonizer, then with the now defunct Beecher, who stepped in on a July 2003 UK tour after Speckers suffered a badly broken hand just a week before going out on the road), and Paul Priest (Bass - ex-Canvas, Narcosis & Tangaroa) who joined in Summer 2005). A second guitarist has now just been added to the ranks in the form of Matt Wells (Wellsy Jnr.) to add a massive beef to the overall sound and discordancy and in the Summer of 2007, long standing shrieker Walton was replaced by Microsleeper's vocal messiah Reese. A new CD 'Precursors to Extinction' has been recorded and will be fully available soon. Two songs from it are on the Myspace page.

The current solid line up reads as follows:-
Reese - Mouth
Previously of Microsleeper

Jim - Guitar
See also Matt Bentley Acoustic

Paulie P. - Bass
Previously in Tangaroa, Narcosis, Canvas, half of Eye of Phetkanha, and is also behind Incandescence and Cerebral Constriction, as well as Raw Nerve Promotions webzine/forums.

Smith - Drums
Also in Executive Distraction Tasks, L.B.W., Kastrated, The Afternoon Gentlemen and Feeble.

Wellsy Jnr. - Guitar
Previous member of Morkret and currently in Necrotic.

Here are some of the big names we're very proud and honoured to have shared a stage with...
Strife, Skindred, D.R.I.

Cephalic Carnage, Crowpath, Blood Duster, Melt Banana, Khanate, Deranged, Skinned, The Red Chord

The Berzerker, Happy Face, Carnal Decay, Suicide Silence, Abigail Williams, Ephel Duath, Birdflesh (twice), Sylvester Staline (twice), Genghis Tron (twice)

Severe Torture, Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay, Mucopus, Pigsty, Napalm Death...

We've also played a large amount of gigs with the cream of the UK scene as well over the years, including:-
Art of Burning Water, Narcosis, Tangaroa, Labrat, Charger, The Final Sigh, Unsanctum, My War, Johnny Mental, RSJ, Executive Distraction Tasks, Soulfracture, Raise The Dead, Beef Conspiracy, a.P.A.t.T., Whores Whores Whores, Agent of the Morai, Hangover Heartattack, Amputated, Mistress, Bossk, Madman is Absolute, Rolo Tomassi, Co-exist, Testswitch Isolator, Heresy of Thieves, Postmortem Promises, Mel Gimpsuit, Castor Troy, Errander, Humanfly, Microsleeper, Kastrated, Desecration and tons more.

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