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well, there's been a massive amount of things happening once again in the world of RETH...

first of all,

...is now available.
click the flyer to go to the myspace to listen to 2 songs from it.

we've been very busy writing more things for the next release to follow that, and we've now got 4 of the songs sorted for it, and they're already way more technical, way more silly, and way more intense, we're playing them live at the moment, so come see us :-)

there has been label attention, but nothing signed or sealed yet, but there is one more promising lead that has arrived in the last couple of days, which we are incredibly excited about, so more news on that hopefully pretty soon.

our upcoming list of gigs has grown and been updated... hopefully see some of you at any of these.

March 1st - Derby First Floor Club - w/ Lordaeron, Drag The Lake, Eastern Front - CLUB NIGHT AFTERWARDS
March 6th - Leeds Joseph's Well - w/ Defeated Sanity, Terrordrome, Kastrated, Introrectalgestation
March 23rd - Preston Mercury Flux - w/ Dhibac, After The Last Sky, The Day Man Lost, Joe Pesci
March 30th - Hartlepool Studio - w/ Dawn of Chaos, Dead Beyond Buried
April 5th - Leeds Royal Park Cellars - w/ Chaos Blood, Carrion of Vigrid
April 10th - Dublin, Ireland Eamon Doran's - w/ De Novissimis, SBKBL, Condemned
April 11th - Newry, Ireland - w/ SBKBL, Condemned
April 12th - Belfast, Ireland - w/ Waylander, SBKBL, Condemned + more. ALL DAYER
May 11th - Leeds Joseph's Well - w/ Genghis Tron, Nachtmystium, Zoroaster
May 23rd - Birmingham t.b.c. - w/ My Cross To Bare, Chaos Blood +1
May 24th - Somewhere t.b.c. - w/ My Cross To Bare, Chaos Blood +1
May 25th - Southend t.b.c. - w/ My Cross To Bare, Chaos Blood +1
June 10th - Ashton-under-Lyne - w/ Machiavellian, Agent of the Morai
July 11 or 12 - Trutnov, Czech Republic - OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL!

and there you go..

the myspace has had a new layout given to it, and there are tons more pictures on there as well...

thanks to anyone who reads this, spreads the word, checks out the songs, it's all very much appreciated.

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if anyone out there uses the stereokiller/pahardcore website (used to be hxcmp3.com) please check out our profile on there, and leave us a comment...

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we've just been confirmed to play the OBSCENE EXTREME festival in the czech republic in july 2008!!!! this is by far the biggest gig we'll ever have played, and continues the run of amazing news we've been getting of late.

more news soon when we know what day we're playing.

check out the obscene website here
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it's been a fair while since we've posted in here. It's not because we've not been busy with nothing to report, just guess we've been slacking on the Live Journal front, but hopefully we're going to get that back in order now.

We've had a fair old time since we last posted, played quite a lot of gigs (including support slots to Napalm Death, a few mint small festivals and all dayers in the UK, and a gig down in London with Mincing Fury/Pigsty/Mucopus), and the CD is now complete, 2 songs from it have been posted on the Myspace page, so click this link and see what you reckon

We've also got a few gigs coming up already between february and april 2008, and hopefully a lot more, as there is already label interest for putting our CD out.

We've also got a new vocalist since the last time we communicated, and you can hear him on the songs on the page.

Here's what we've got coming up.

Nottingham Old Angel
w/ Mel Gimpsuit, Hordes of Satan, Moloch, Limbic Riot, Sontarian Experiment

Leeds Royal Park Cellars
w/ The Magpyes, Atrocity Exhibit, Asuras

Derby First Floor Club
w/ Lordaeron, Drag The Lake (plus club night afterwards)

w/ DHIBAC, The Day Man Lost, Joe Pesci

Dublin, Ireland
w/ De Novissimis, SBKBL, Condemned

Newry, Ireland
w/ SBKBL, Condemned

Belfast, Ireland
ALL DAYER w/ SBKBL, Condemned, Cerebral Bore + more
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but we come bearing some news..
We now a real, official website!
rethgrind.com oh yes... (click to see)

nothing overly flashy, not littered with billions of random facts, but a nice clean place with info and images and nice design... we're well happy with it, there'll be a few extra things added in due course, but check it out, hope you like it..

our upcoming gigs look like this..

April 6th - Leeds Packhorse - w/ Castor Troy, Rainbow of Death, Esclavage
April 14th - Mansfield The Mill - w/ Mel Gimpsuit, Chaos Blood, Patient Zero, Hangover Heartattack and tons more (see flyer)
May 6th - Leeds Fenton - w/ Soulfracture, Plagues, Carrion of Vigrid, Waking Theo, Snow and more

looking forward to them all, mint line ups.

then we'll probably be taking a bit of a long break aside from any occasional decent support slots as we'll be concentrating on the recordings.

that is all, just thought i'd check in again and keep people up to date.
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well, i'm afraid we've had to pull two gigs (for the first time in a very long time).. we've had to drop out of both the hartlepool clarendon gig on the 23rd feb and the norwich brickmenders gig on the 9th march.. am gutted about this, but not a lot we could do about it.. the gigs are still going on, so GO TO THEM! they're gonna be mint...

we have just got a support slot with severe torture though in a few weeks time, as well as a couple of other mint ones.. here is what we've got coming up..

March 11th - Wakefield Snooty Fox - BLACK ECLIPSE - w/ Kastrated + more
March 19th - Manchester Satan's Hollow - w/ Severe Torture, Desecration, Evile
April 6th - Leeds Packhorse - w/ Castor Troy, Rainbow of Death
April 14th - Mansfield The Mill - ENDURANCE FEST - w/ Narcosis, Chaos Blood, Mel Gimpsuit + more
May 3rd - Warrington WA1 Club - w/ Heresy of Thieves, Seraph Impaled + more
May 6th - Leeds Fenton - w/ Soulfracture, Carrion of Vigrid, Plagues, Waking Theo

we're not really chasing any more gigs now (aside from some good supports if anything comes along), as we are going to be concentrating on getting the songs recorded in april, and writing more new songs.. so yeah.. look out for those..

in the meantime, really hope to catch up with some of you at those gigs above...
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Well, it's been a little while since the last Reth update on here, but here I am again with a few words.

We played our first gig in over 2 months on Friday night at the Royal Park in Leeds, it was a mint night despite the snow and late start, but our set went down really well, and we were happy with the performance. The new song wasn't quite ready to put into the set, might be a couple of weeks now before it's totally as tight as we'd like it. It's sounding awesome though, so a video will hopefully be posted up soon once it's in the set.

Next gigs are:-
Feb 17th - Darlington Bacchaus - w/ RSJ, State of Serenity, Inhuman Bridal Compulsions
Feb 23rd - Hartlepool Clarendon - w/ Coprophagy, Tapestry of Flesh, 03/09/39
Please come along and say hello :-)

The website is virtually complete, the domain is bought, virtually all the text/pics are on, there's just a few final tweaks taking place, so hopefully by the end of February, it will live for your viewing pleasure.

We'll be giving away a couple of T-shirts to celebrate the launch of the site, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Finally, we've had a re-think on the recordings/upcoming releases situation, and now, instead of putting all our songs onto one album, we're going to separate the really tech/more recent songs and put them onto one EP, and then record the others we have ready that are a bit more straight forward, and look to put them out as a split release with someone. The recordings are now scheduled for April due to our own and the producer's commitments. Tracklistings will be posted up shortly.

And, I think, that is all. We're still looking for something on the 10th March if anyone knows of anything, so please get in touch if you know of a gig going preferably around the Midlands/South of England.

Cheers, please spread the word.

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Just a quick gig update in the form of a lovely flyer, note a few changes of date and re-arrangements. This is the most up to date collection of dates.

Some facts:-
Reth have had over 17,000 plays on Myspace and are not far off 4,000 friends.
The website is hurtling towards completion so not long till an unveiling.

Practise last Sunday was mint, tightness is coming back to us, new song is coming along a treat, and Me and Smith jammed a load of randomness, some in the style of Keelhaul, Knut & American Heritage, also some jazzy stuff, and some other odd bits. Hopefully one day we'll record a drum and bass improvisation ;-)

Another practise this Sunday is on the cards, new song will be finished ready to play at our first gig of 2007, on the 9th February in Leeds.

That's all for now, more rambles will come forth soon!
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I (Paul) (the one who will probably scribe most of the updates), have just returned from a weekend of Reth, and, thankfully, after a bit of a long Christmas break, we managed to crack on with the new song, 'Shibboleths of the new Panacea', (yes indeed!), and got a large chunk of it sounding pretty damn solid. Also had a good chill out, and catch up, and general whip into action for 2007 as well, so, the next time you see us performing live in an area near you, we will have at least one new song in the set, and will be even tighter than ever before. A stricter practise and thought process regime has been set, and will be enforced ASAP, to really iron out anything left to sort out ready for the recording, which now looks like being April 2007 due to other recording commitments of the produced who will be doing it.

In other things, I am just about to accept a gig off for April 5th, in Warrington, so full details will hopefully soon be added and updated everywhere, so people of the North West of England, note that date down in the diary.

That's all, I'm going to drink brandy and check my messages on Myspace, Email and forums and speak more to you soon.

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okay, we were going to be playing the Leeds gig next Thursday but we're not now, such was the small time between now and then, another band were able to 100% confirm before us... gutted to be honest, was looking forward to a Leeds gig again after a couple of months, but there will be more.

we've just been asked to play the Leeds date of the Mumakil and Zillah tour in March (the 3rd), more details of that to come.

we're also trying to get a Glasgow date sorted on the 24th February, the promoter has a free night, so we're waiting to see if they like our silly tech grind sounds enough to ask us to play.

the official website is coming along nicely, with Spengler messaging every day with advancements and tweaks, and so it's looking like it will be ready in the next month or so, fingers crossed.

over the next couple of weeks, i'll also be stripping down and updating the soundclick download page (which doesn't have me as a band member (i joined june 2005)) thus proving how out of the loop that page is, and will also be starting up a load more download outlets and pages for Reth, to keep the onslaught going.. hopefully this will provide us with tons more outlets to promote any gigs we get, and promote anyone that can help Reth (with banners and such like) in the future.

a few labels from around the world have also been in touch enquiring about 'future plans of Reth', so shall keep people posted about that too..

it's all coming together nicely.

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