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Fans of grindcore read on. Oh yes! - rethgrind
Fans of grindcore read on. Oh yes!
Well, it's been a little while since the last Reth update on here, but here I am again with a few words.

We played our first gig in over 2 months on Friday night at the Royal Park in Leeds, it was a mint night despite the snow and late start, but our set went down really well, and we were happy with the performance. The new song wasn't quite ready to put into the set, might be a couple of weeks now before it's totally as tight as we'd like it. It's sounding awesome though, so a video will hopefully be posted up soon once it's in the set.

Next gigs are:-
Feb 17th - Darlington Bacchaus - w/ RSJ, State of Serenity, Inhuman Bridal Compulsions
Feb 23rd - Hartlepool Clarendon - w/ Coprophagy, Tapestry of Flesh, 03/09/39
Please come along and say hello :-)

The website is virtually complete, the domain is bought, virtually all the text/pics are on, there's just a few final tweaks taking place, so hopefully by the end of February, it will live for your viewing pleasure.

We'll be giving away a couple of T-shirts to celebrate the launch of the site, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Finally, we've had a re-think on the recordings/upcoming releases situation, and now, instead of putting all our songs onto one album, we're going to separate the really tech/more recent songs and put them onto one EP, and then record the others we have ready that are a bit more straight forward, and look to put them out as a split release with someone. The recordings are now scheduled for April due to our own and the producer's commitments. Tracklistings will be posted up shortly.

And, I think, that is all. We're still looking for something on the 10th March if anyone knows of anything, so please get in touch if you know of a gig going preferably around the Midlands/South of England.

Cheers, please spread the word.

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not_like_most From: not_like_most Date: February 12th, 2007 10:44 am (UTC) (Link)
Finally you're back online, nice to cu here again, mate :)
Good news & hail to Reth! Keep on rockin', you rule!
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